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A variety of enriching experiences for seniors.

Some of Our Workshops

For more information on any of the workshops below, you may rollover and click an image.
For a full listing of workshops we offer, please go to
ongoing workshops.

Therapy Gardens Offers Options to Enhance Healthy Living

& Good Habits

Recipes for
Healthy Eating


Heart Healthy

Wide Variety
of Classes

Your life journey should be filled
with experiences that are
fun, informative and interactive.

“You weren't even out of the parking lot before they asked when you were coming back!”

- Debra, Clinton, MA Senior Center

“If mom had a program like yours, she would still be with us.”

- Mary, Massachusetts

“Our seniors love all of Therapy Gardens workshops.”

- Joanne, Fitchburg, MA Senior Center

Recipes & Tips

Gardening | Healthy Recipes | Books 

If you are looking for new recipes, gardening tips, new books to read or other lifestyle ideas, Therapy Gardens offers a variety of great tips, tricks and events that will provide fun and exciting experiences for adults and seniors. We welcome you to visit our recipes and tips page for a sampling of great recipes, as well as tips and tricks for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Therapy Gardens is able to provide older individuals with the tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle, as well as to outlets to interact with other adults and seniors and learn new information.

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