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Therapy Gardens

We believe in enriching lives through knowledge and well-being, whether it's by feeding your mind or nourishing your body.

About Us

We collaborate with libraries, senior community centers, private clubs, and living facilities to bring education and wellness closer to the public.

Therapy Gardens offers workshops on cooking, gardening, and healthy living. Always upbeat and positive, we pride ourselves on our top-notch presentations and workshops. We also offer a variety of lunch-and-learn and hands-on activities. For more information, please download our catalog.

SeniorU is our division that focuses on enlightening talks about technology, history, and current events. We aim to engage and inform, making these subjects approachable for everyone. SeniorU also provides private tutoring for older adults on technology, foreign languages for travel, and more. Please contact us through our website.


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Meet Our Team.

We work with great people. Here are some of our featured presenters.

From garden to kitchen to table.

Good health starts with preparing great food and sharing it with others. 

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Healthy Homecrafting

The art & science of making things at home to enhance your life and wellness.

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