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Workshops and Presentations

Enriching In-person Activities - Online offerings coming soon!


Fantastic Fall Soups

Join us for a heartwarming and healthy presentation on fall soups. We'll explore tons of recipes perfect for the season like Butternut Squash & Apple with Sage, Roasted Pumpkin & Ginger, Creamy Mushroom with Tarragon, Roasted Red Pepper Soup and more. Learn about the ingredients, techniques, and tips to create these fantastic dishes. Take home recipes, and maybe even try a sample! Whether you're an experienced cook or just starting, this presentation will inspire you to bring the flavors of fall into your home.

Beantown Recipes

Explore the hearty flavors and traditional dishes that have defined Boston's culinary legacy, from forgotten favorites like Boston Taffy, Election Cake, and Roxbury Russet Applesauce to iconic recipes such as Wild Blueberry Cobbler, Boston Baked Beans, and Creamy Cranberry Pie. Whether you're a seasoned chef, a curious foodie, or a history buff, this presentation will have you dropping your Rs in no time flat! Exclusive recipes will be shared.

Festive Holiday Cuisine

Our standout holiday presentation! Join us for this gorgeous and inspiring workshop and transform traditional holiday food into a festive culinary experience. Bend holiday-themed ingredients with a touch of sophistication while maintaining the warmth of traditional recipes. From crafting unique spice and oil blends to preparing stunning roasts and wonderful sides, each recipe is chosen for its festive spirit and straightforward ingredients. Whether you're a seasoned cook or a culinary novice, these recipes are designed to impress your guests and add a sparkle to your festive gatherings.

Unwrapping the Truth: The Dangers of Processed Foods

Learn the health implications of consuming processed foods and get a comprehensive look at how these convenient but potentially harmful options affect our health. Participants will explore the differences between minimally processed vs. heavily processed foods, understand the long-term health risks associated with additives, preservatives, and high levels of sugars and salts, and learn how to read and interpret food labels to make healthier choices and find better alternatives.



Designed for all levels of inside and outside gardeners, we feature the latest news and research, along with resources for finding more information and senior-friendly products. We also offer garden workshops customized for geographic location, indoor/outdoor settings, and therapeutic populations.

Indoor Gardening

Things have come a long way with indoor gardening! Now you can grow all kinds of flowers, herbs, and even vegetables inside in the comfort of your own home. Learn about the types of indoor gardens, what light sources and nutrients are needed, and more! Sample indoor gardens, including supernutritious microgreens, will be presented. Great for people with limited mobility or for people who live in smaller spaces and want to garden year-round.

Preventing, Managing, and Eliminating Garden Pests

Has your garden turned into an all-you-can-eat buffet for critters? If you've said 'yes' to any of these, it's time to reclaim your soil and your sanity! Join us for a workshop that's as entertaining as it is enlightening. Learn how to send pests packing, from the tiniest aphids to the most tenacious woodchucks. Discover the secret lives of garden villains and how to defeat them without turning your backyard into a chemical wasteland. Don't get pushed around by critters in your own garden any longer. It’s time to fight back!

Totally Tomato

Nothing tastes like a garden tomato. But there's more to this edible berry than meets the eye. Tomatoes are the major dietary source of the antioxidant lycopene, which has been linked to many health benefits, including reduced risk of heart disease and cancer. Learn about different varieties of tomatoes, how to grow them, and – most importantly – how to prepare and eat them! Growing resources and recipes will be provided. Great for home cooks, gardeners, and health conscious eaters.

Specialty Gardens: Healing, Tea and Edible Landscape Gardens

Studies have shown that exposure to nature, whether indoors or outdoors, lowers both blood pressure and stress. A garden is a peaceful space that helps reduce anxiety, relieve stress, and promote a sense of wellbeing. Come learn about the healing properties of plants and flowers so you can create your own healing, edible, or tea garden. We will review select products and where to find them, including seeds, adaptive equipment, and more. Great for indoor and outdoor gardeners of any skill level, people looking for new garden ideas, or folks who just like gardens.



Our popular food and nutrition workshops feature exclusive Therapy Gardens recipes, along with the latest nutrition and food-related research. We sometimes bring samples, but a kitchen is not necessary. 

Delicious Diabetic Cooking

Most diets focus on what you can’t have instead of celebrating what you can have. Don’t let diabetes or pre-diabetes ruin all your food fun. Come learn how to prepare delicious low sugar, low carb meals. From easy one-pot dinners to larger meals, we will review the foods, spices, and condiments that are both delicious and diabetic-friendly. Also great for people following a low carb or Keto diet, or for those who just want to eat healthy.

Vegetarian Soups and Stews

Learn to make a variety of meatless soups and stews using fresh ingredients. From meatless beef stew to hearty lentil soup, you will learn techniques for adequately flavoring your vegetarian soups using less salt and animal products. Get recipes for high quality, high protein vegetarian soups and soup mixes.

Cooking Tips and Tools for Older Adults

Cooking can become a daunting task as we age, but it doesn't have to be. In this presentation, we'll explore practical tips and adaptive tools to make cooking easier and more enjoyable for older adults. Whether you're a seasoned cook or a beginner, you'll learn how to simplify the cooking process and save time in the kitchen. Senior-friendly product recommendations and where to obtain them will be provided.

Healthy Eating on a Budget

Discover practical tips and strategies to embrace healthy eating without breaking the bank! Join us as we uncover smart ways to save money while still enjoying nutritious and delicious meals, both when cooking at home and when ordering out. Learn actionable techniques to make healthy eating sustainable and affordable. Leave equipped with the knowledge to empower yourself and thrive on a budget, making your well-being a top priority. Specific tips for older adults and resources in their area will be provided.

Become a Soup Master! Our most popular workshop!

Soup is one of the most nutritious and nourishing foods you can eat. But only when it’s made with less sodium and real ingredients. Ditch the store-bought salt bombs and come learn a variety of soups you can make at home, including Creamy Spinach Bisque, Low Sodium Garden Vegetable, Lentil Vegetable, and tons more! We also review the latest soup supplies and other products to make life in the kitchen easier. Sample soup and recipes will be available for everyone.

Chocolate Tasting and Talk 101

Eating chocolate releases endorphins that make you happy. Come try samples of craft, small batch chocolate, totally unlike the industrial, mass-produced chocolate you’ve had before. Also learn about the ingredients, processing, and where cocoa pods are grown from our own resident chocolate expert. We will also review the latest nutritional and health information. A very popular introduction! Great for all you chocoholics out there!

Make Your Own Seasonings

Looking to spice up your life? From savory to spicy, come make your own seasoning mix using our herbs and spices. Participants will learn about different seasonings, their health benefits, and how to store and use them. Then everyone will make their own mixes to take home. Make meat rubs, mixes for roasting vegetables, spicy mixes, savory mixes, and more! Great for people watching their sodium intake or following a special diet. Everyone gets their own mix to take home. Seasoning mix recipes will also be provided.

Tea Time

Do you love to drink tea? Then this presentation is for you! Learn about the history and the different types of tea, how they are made, and their caffeine content. We will also show you how to use ordinary garden herbs to make herbal teas, water infusions, and infused oils that are soothing, beneficial, and delicious! Recipes and information on where to find great tea and tea-related products will be provided. Great for tea lovers, home gardeners, and anyone who enjoys a hot beverage!

Coffee Talk

Half of Americans drink it every day, but there’s more to coffee than Dunkin’ and Starbucks. Join us for some serious coffee talk, from light to dark roast and everything in between. We will also review different brewing methods and equipment, local and national brands, the politics and history of coffee, and much more. If you’re a coffee person, this one is not to be missed!



Life moves fast and it’s hard to keep up with the latest news and research. That’s why we cut through the noise to bring you the latest health and safety information. We also develop customized presentations for larger organizations or special populations.

Get Better Sleep! - Updated with new research!

Everyone knows getting enough sleep keeps you healthy and active. But many older adults have trouble sleeping. Learn how to improve your sleep by making slight adjustments to your routines and practicing specific mental tips to help you fall asleep faster. We will also review the foods you should (and should not) eat before bedtime, as well as nighttime safety tips for practicing “Safe Sleep”, and much more! This is a great workshop for people with trouble sleeping or their unfortunate spouses! All done in an informative and humorous manner.

Cannabis and You: THC, CBD, CBN – A Talk for Adults

Everything you ever wanted to know about Cannabis but were afraid to ask. All in one hour! Not only is cannabis legal, it also has medicinal properties that may help you. Stop stressing and come learn about CBD,THC, CBN, the different types of cannabis, their uses, and what is legal and what's not. We will also review medical vs. recreational marijuana and what’s hype and what’s real with CBD. This is a research-based, unbiased, nonaffiliated presentation. Bring your questions to this lighthearted but informative presentation. Sorry, no samples :)

Local Food Trivia: Yesterday to Today

Hermits. Johnnycakes. Moxie. We’ve compiled a list of some of your favorite regional foods, brands, and companies from yesteryear to today, including where they were created and sold. Some are obvious but some aren’t. Think we can stump you? Join us as we present them Jeopardy-style and put your local knowledge to the test.

How to Follow the Mediterranean Diet

Did you know that the Mediterranean Diet helps prevent cancer, heart disease, and diabetes? It’s the one diet that is definitvely proven to work and has become the bedrock of healthy eating. Not only that, but the food is delicious! If this sounds good, then come learn how to put it into practice. Topics covered include how to follow the Mediterranean Diet, healthy eating, and some fantastic recipes. Great for people looking to follow a healthy and flavorful diet.



All work and no play makes life pretty boring, so we sometimes branch into topics of interest to our audience. Sometimes we keep things low key and only email some of these great topics. Think of them as "off menu", so be sure to join our mailing list today. 

Tech Essentials for Seniors

Designed specifically for older adults, this session demystifies the internet and mobile applications that are becoming essential in our daily lives. From shopping on Amazon to staying connected on social media, or enjoying podcasts, videos, and the life-changing artificial intelligence of Chat GPT, we've got you covered. With a focus on practical skills and safety, including knowledge of cookies, password protection, and more you'll leave with the confidence to navigate the digital world more effectively. With plenty of time for Q&A, join us to enhance your digital literacy and stay connected in today's tech-driven society. Available for large or small groups and/or staff.

Artificial Intelligence & Chat GPT

Virtual Reality. Chatbots. Deep Fakes. Do you sometimes feel like the technological world is moving too fast? And do you really know what any of these terms mean to you, never mind all of humanity? Take a breath and enjoy an in-person, real presentation on artificial intelligence. You might not want to use these things, but you should know what they are. So come learn in a fun and supportive manner! (Not to mention, it changes every day!) Bring your opinions and questions! Great for beginners, skeptics, and anyone worried about the fate of humanity.



We are always adding new ideas so check back often! Better yet, DOWNLOAD OUR CATALOG.


We are always looking for interesting people who want to work with our customers. If you have an idea for a workshop, or would like to work with us, please email Therapy Gardens.

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